eSnipe Fees

How Much Do I Pay eSnipe?

Winning Auctions: 1% of the winning auction’s price: minimum 25¢, maximum $10.

Losing Auctions: No fee, anytime.

Winning Bid Your Cost
Auction wins for under $25 $0.25
Auction wins between $25-$1,000 1% of auction price
Auction wins for $1,000 and over $10.00

Auctions in non-U.S. currency are special cases:

Winning Bid Your Cost
Non-U.S. currency auction wins of any quantity $1.00


How Do I Pay eSnipe?

eSnipe's BidPoints(SM) program allows you to pay for your auction wins. Each BidPoint equals $0.01. So, for example, if you win an auction with a final price of $50, the eSnipe fee would be $0.50, which would cost you 50 BidPonts. Again, if you don't win an auction there's no fee. You buy BidPoints from us in advance in quantities of 500 or more (500 BidPoints costs $5.00). BidPoints are also available in large quantities at a discount. Our state-of-the-art service keeps track of your BidPoints account and updates your account automatically. All you need to do is buy more BidPoints from time to time, depending on how many auctions you win.

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