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WinPoints Plan

WinPoints are used to pay for our service.  We deduct 1 WinPoint for every 1.00 spent on a won auction placed through our service (1%).  There is a minimum fee of 25 WinPoints for items under 25.00 and a maximum fee of 1,000 WinPoints for items over 1,000.00.


Auction Final Price Fee
Auction lost 0 WinPoints (free)
Auction won that ended for 24.99 or less 25 WinPoints
Auction won that ended between 25.00 and 999.99 1% of the final price
Auction won that ended for 1,000.00 or more 1,000 WinPoints


Cost of WinPoints

WinPoints plans start at $5.00.  With a $5.00 WinPoints purchase, we will credit your account 500 WinPoints, allowing you to win up to $500.00 worth of eBay auctions through our service.  You can purchase 500 to 200,000 WinPoints at a time. Your purchased WinPoints will never expire!  You can save up to 40% on our service by buying more.


Note: We do not pay the seller of items you've won using our service. The fees we collect are only for using our snipe service. You must pay the seller of your won items through eBay directly.

All WinPoints purchases are made in US dollars ($). WinPoints fees are based on the final value of the auction's listed currency.

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