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WinPoints Plan

WinPoints are used to pay for our service when you win a sniped auction. A $5.00 WinPoints purchase will allow you to win $500.00 on eBay. Buy more, and we will give you bonus WinPoints!  When you win an auction, we deduct 1 WinPoint per 1.00 for the winning auction price (1%).  There is a minimum fee of 25 WinPoints for items under 25.00 and a max fee of 1,000 WinPoints for items over 1,000.00.


Auction Final Price Fee
Auction lost 0 WinPoints (free)
Auction won that ended for 24.99 or less 25 WinPoints
Auction won that ended between 25.00 and 999.99 1% of the final price
Auction won that ended for 1,000.00 or more 1,000 WinPoints


Example WinPoints History

Transaction Fee Balance
$5.00 WinPoints Purchase -- 500
Item A - Won for $120 -120 380
Item B - Outbid 0 380
Item C - Won for $15 -25 355
All WinPoints purchases are made in US dollars ($). WinPoints fees are based on the final value of the auction's listed currency. Your WinPoints will never expire!

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