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By automatically placing your bids at the last possible moment, eSnipe allows you to rest easy, knowing that your competitors will have no time to react to your bid.

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Online Auction Snipe Service

eSnipe is an eBay auction sniper. Our servers place your bid a few seconds before the eBay auction closes. This causes you to win more eBay auctions at lower prices. You simply enter the item and set your Maximum Bid. Once a snipe is scheduled within your account, you no longer have to worry about keeping an active eye on the auction. eSnipe will take care of the bidding for you.

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Why Snipe eBay Auctions?

Win more auctions. Keep your bids hidden until the last second. Keep prices down by not bidding throughout the auction. Avoid bidding wars. Change or delete your bids without having to retract your bid through eBay. Bid just enough to win your auction. Bids are placed for you while you do other things.

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