Server Based eBay Sniper

All snipes are placed from our servers. Server times are update automatically, to make sure your bid is placed at exactly the right time. Add, edit or cancel snipes from any computer or mobile device with a web browser. No software to install.

Fault Tolerant Bid Sniping

Our servers are spread across multiple physical locations and we run multiple identical systems in tandem within each location. Should anything go wrong with a location or server, the other systems will take over with little or no loss of service.

Snipe Tool

The Snipe Tool places a Snipe button right on eBay, below the Place Bid button, on all eBay auction pages - automatically. Add snipes without leaving eBay's website. Over 20,000 users use our Snipe Tool extension, every month.

Bid Groups

Allows multiple snipes to be placed into a group and used to win only one auction. When an auction in the group is won, future snipes are canceled automatically.

Fast, Knowledgeable Support

The world of eBay sniping can be confusing at times. That is why we offer human based support, to all our customers. With over 65 combined years of supporting eBay bidding, we would be happy to answer any questions that you have.

Become an Expert Sniper!

Sniping eBay for 20+ years
100% free to sign up
Snipe in the last 7, 5, 3 or 1 second
Price and finish dates update automatically
Snipe through your local eBay website
Earn eBay loyalty points
Snipes placed from our servers
Auction outcome notifications
Shill bidding protection
Buy It Now bid protection (avoid over bidding)
Previous bid blocked warnings
Combined shipping notification
Display snipe dates in your local time
Multiple display date and time formats
ASYNC Bidding: Multiple bids are placed in parallel and compared to ensure the outcome is correctly determined.
BidMatrix Scheduler: In the unlikely event of a server having a problem, bids are redirected to a healthy server.
Works on all computers and devices
Mobile friendly