How to join eSnipe

What's this going to cost me?

We charge people to use eSnipe. That's how we make our living.

Before you join, we want you to know exactly how much you'll pay, when, and how.

The first one is free!

Actually, the first 10 days up to 30 bids are free. No restrictions. You can use eSnipe on up to 30 bids for 10 days after you join, and you won't owe us a cent. Or, better yet, make your first BidPoint purchase, verifying your identity, and you can enter UNLIMITED bids during your first 10 days for free.

You only pay when you win

eSnipe charges you a fee for each auction you win after submitting a bid through the service. If you don't win the auction, you don't pay.

How the BidPointTM system works

Once your free trial period expires, you can continue to bid by purchasing BidPointsTM. You can buy BidPoints on-line with your credit card or PayPal account.

If you decide not to use eSnipe after the end of the free trial, you don't owe us a cent. You don't have to "unsubscribe" to avoid fees. If you don't use eSnipe, you owe nothing.

BidPoints cost $0.01 each. (You get a discount if you buy them in quantity.) Each time you win an auction after submitting a bid through eSnipe, eSnipe deducts a certain number of BidPoints from your account:

  • If your winning bid is less than US$25, you "pay" 25 BidPoints.
  • If your winning bid is US$25 to US$1000, you pay one BidPoint per dollar, rounded down to a whole number of BidPoints. A winning bid of $500 "costs" you 500 BidPoints.
  • If your winning bid is over US$1000, you pay 1000 BidPoints.
  • For an auction with bids in non-US currency you pay 100 BidPoints (US$1.00), regardless of your winning bid.
  • For a Dutch auction you pay 100 BidPoints (US$1.00), regardless of quantity, currency, or closing price.

When you run out of BidPoints, you're expected to buy more. (And yes, we'll remind you, politely at first, if you forget.)

When you're ready to buy BidPoints, click the Purchase BidPoints link found on many eSnipe pages. The following pages will lead you through the process of selecting a payment method and entering necessary information such as your credit card account number.