How to schedule a bid

Use BidWizard to schedule your bid

After you enter the item number and click the "BidWizard" button, eSnipe displays the BidWizard page. You use this page to tell BidWizard how much you want to bid, and when.

The essential part of BidWizard looks something like this:

Bid Wizard Screenshot


To place a bid, you must:

  1. Enter your maximum bid. Enter just the amount, with no dollar sign or other currency symbol. (The first part of this tutorial discusses proxy bidding and how to choose your maximum bid.)
  2. Enter the quantity you want to bid on. (This option appears only for a Dutch auction.) For an ordinary auction the quantity is 1, and cannot be changed.)
  3. Enter the buffer value, that is, how many seconds before the close of the auction when you want eSnipe to submit your bid. (Until you get some experience with sniping, we recommend using the default value. A later part of this tutorial discusses how to choose a buffer value.)
  4. Click the "Place eBay Bid with eSnipe!" button. The BidWizard will schedule your bid.