Other cool things eSnipe can do

Schedule several bids, log in once

The procedure for scheduling a bid becomes repetitious when you schedule several bids at the same time. Having to log in to eSnipe for each bid is a recurring nuisance. Fortunately, it's one you can avoid.

Open a second browser window. You can do this by simply repeating the process you used to open the first one; for example, click or double-click the same icon again.

Display an auction description and copy the item number to the Clipboard in one window.

Log in to eSnipe, enter the item number, and use BidWizard in the other window. You've scheduled your first bid.

Now you can display another auction description in the first window and repeat the process. The second window never leaves eSnipe, so you don't have to log in again. Simply paste the next item number and proceed.

About the SnipeIt! program

SnipeIt! is a free piece of software which you can use to schedule eSnipe bids directly from the auction description page. It's a more convenient way of scheduling a bid through eSnipe than the procedure that this section describes.

We recommend that you learn to use eSnipe directly, as described here, before you try SnipeIt!. This is because you'll always need to use eSnipe directly to access its other features, such as checking the status of a bid or buying BidPointsTM. It's easier to learn to use eSnipe first, then SnipeIt!, than to learn both at the same time.

When you're read to try out SnipeIt!, go to the SnipeIt! page to read the instructions and download the software.