Other cool things eSnipe can do

Retract or edit a bid

eBay strictly limits your ability to retract a bid, but eSnipe lets you retract a bid freely, up to five minutes before it is scheduled to be submitted. eSnipe can do this because eBay doesn't know about your bid until eSnipe submits it. If you retract the bid, eBay will never know at all.

You can also edit a bid if you want to change its amount, quantity, or submission time. The procedure for editing a bid is almost the same as the procedure for retracting a bid. The five-minute restriction applies to editing a bid, too.

(Why the five-minute restriction? Some of eSnipe's internal processes take time—particularly synchronizing the bidding schedules of the different eSnipe servers. Requiring you to retract a bid at least five minutes in advance ensures that eSnipe's servers will all "get the word" and will not submit the bid.)

To retract a bid, go to the My Auctions page. (Click the My Auctions link found on most pages.) Find the description of the bid you want to retract and click its Delete link.

You can use the same procedure to delete a submitted bid from the My Auctions display when you no longer need to see it.

You can also retract several bids at once. Click the checkbox next to the Delete link of each bid you want to retract, then click the button titled Delete Checked Items. (This button appears only when you have several bids scheduled for submission.) All of the checked items are deleted from the page and retracted from bidding. But be careful—there's no way to "undelete" deleted bids.

To edit a bid, go to the My Auctions page and click the bid's Edit link. This starts BidWizard, which lets you edit the bid and schedule it again.