How to join eSnipe

eSnipe's privacy policy

Since you have to enter some confidential information to join eSnipe, you deserve to know how we'll use it.

Personal information

When you join eSnipe we collect some identifying information, including your name and address, email address, eBay user ID, and eBay password.

We may also ask for some demographic information, such as your age and gender. This information is for statistical purposes only. It is not stored with your account, and cannot be associated with you.

When you sign up to buy BidPointsTM, we collect information required to fulfill your purchase. If you choose to pay with a credit card, for example, we need your credit card's account number and expiration date.

What does eSnipe do with the information?

eSnipe uses your account information only to serve you and to manage your account. We will occasionally use your email address to send you information about eSnipe and the services we provide.

We need your eBay user ID and password to submit bids on your behalf. We need your email address to notify you when we submit a bid for you, and to contact you if we ever must ask you a question about your account.

We will never disclose your personal information to any third party for advertising or promotional purposes.

If you owe money to eSnipe and we're unable to collect it, we may need to give your contact information to a third party for collection purposes.

Information about your bidding activity

eSnipe keeps information about your bidding activity. You can display a record of your recent bidding activity for your own information. In the future, eSnipe may be able to make your complete historical record available to you.

We create statistical profiles of our users' bidding activity to help us plan improvements to our service. We also provide statistical profiles to our advertisers. No one can extract an individual user's bidding activity or bidding patterns from these profiles.

For more details, including a discussion of eSnipe's security measures and eSnipe's use of cookies, see our complete privacy policy.