Other cool things eSnipe can do

Change your password and other personal settings

You can change your user ID, password, and other personal settings associated with your eSnipe account.

To change your settings, click the My Settings link found on the left navigation panel of most eSnipe pages. This displays the My eSnipe Settings page.

eSnipe uses your first and last name for internal record keeping and for communicating with you.

eSnipe needs your email address to communicate with you. When you schedule a bid, and when eSnipe submits it, eSnipe sends emails to you at this address.

Your eBay user ID and password are required when eSnipe submits bids for you. eSnipe also uses them as your user ID and password for logging into the eSnipe Web site.

If you change your eBay user ID or password, remember to change the values used in eSnipe as well. eSnipe won't be able to submit bids for you until you do so, because it won't be able to give eBay the correct values. Log in to eSnipe with the old values to set the new ones.

The "buffer value" is the number of seconds before an auction closes that eSnipe will submit your bid. The default buffer value is the value that Bid Wizard will supply when you schedule a new bid.

The value 6 (six seconds) is good for most purposes. A shorter value increases the risk that eBay won't process your bid until the auction has closed. A longer value increases the risk that another user will have time to outbid you. If you're willing to risk a few auction losses for the sake of learning, though, you may want to experiment with different buffer values.

The bid confirmation email dropdown box lets you choose when eSnipe will notify you about your bids: when you enter them, when the auctions end, both times, or neither.

eSnipe recommends the "Execution" setting (which sends you email when the auction ends) or the "Both" setting, even if you ordinarily don't need either email. If you ever contact eSnipe technical support to ask why you did not win an auction, they will need the after-auction email to identify the RovatronTM bidding server's record of that particular bid.