How to schedule a bid

The My Auctions page

After you click the "Place my eBay big with eSnipe" button, BidWizard returns you to the My Auctions page. This is the page from which you entered the item number and ran BidWizard. Now it shows the bid you've scheduled:

My Auctions Screenshot


The My Auctions page shows all the bids you have recently scheduled. For each bid that has been submitted, it shows whether and when eBay accepted the bid. For each auction that has closed it shows whether you won, and if you did, the amount of your winning bid.

Each item description contains several useful links:

  • The item number links to the item description page on eBay.
  • The Info link displays a page which lets you change your maximum bid, bid quantity, and buffer time, up to five minutes before the scheduled bidding time. You can also delete and request eSnipe support for this bid from this page.