Problems that sniping creates

You missed the end of an auction

One of the most frustrating consequences of sniping is to lose an auction because you forgot when it was ending, or because you couldn't get to your computer at the right time.

Auction? Oh, that auction!

When a lot of things are happening in your life, it's easy to forget when an auction will close. You may remember minutes or hours later... too late to bid.

eSnipe will remember when an auction closes, so you don't need to remember yourself.

Make the baby stop being born until this auction ends!

No matter how important an auction is to you, some things are more important. You can't always be in front of your computer to enter a last-minute bid at the right time, even if you planned to be.

eSnipe lets you enter your bid hours or days ahead of time and bids for you while you take care of your other obligations.