How to join eSnipe

The new-member procedure

Once you've registered as an eBay user, you're ready to join eSnipe.

Enter your email address

From eSnipe's home page, click the Join link. eSnipe displays the first page in its sign-up procedure. This page asks for your email address. Enter the address you customarily use for auction communications and click the button to proceed.

If eSnipe displays the same page again with a highlighted note that says, "Your entry timed out...," your browser is set to refuse cookies. Go to the instructions for setting your browser to accept cookies. After you've set your browser, return here and enter your email address again.

Enter your name, address, and eBay user data

The next couple of pages ask for your name, your address, and your eBay user ID and password. (eSnipe will need your user ID and password to submit bids for you.) Fill in the fields on each page and click the button to proceed.

Agree to eSnipe's membership terms

The last page asks you to agree to eSnipe's membership terms. There are no gotchas here; you agree to pay eSnipe's fees after the free trial period, and you acknowledge that you understand the risks of sniping that are described in Some problems that sniping creates.

Click the check box to indicate your agreement to the terms of membership, then click the button.

Email address confirmation

eSnipe sends a confirmation message to the email address you entered. Save this email for your records as it can help us locate your account if you ever forget your account information.

Now that you're a member of eSnipe, you're ready to start placing bids! The next several pages explain how to do that.