Problems that sniping creates

An error entering the bid

If you enter snipes from your keyboard, you risk making a mistake at the last minute. If you click the wrong button, drop the mouse, or get distracted at the wrong time—you're out of the game. Just as there's no time for other bidders to respond to your bid, there's no time to correct any mistake you make.

Computers don't make mistakes, but since they're programmed by fallible humans, there's always a risk that an error in eSnipe's software could make you lose an auction you would otherwise have won. A computer virus or a catastrophic failure in one of eSnipe's servers could have the same effect.

eSnipe tests its software very carefully before putting it in service, and uses redundant systems and sophisticated virus protection to avoid other types of problems. Its performance to date has been very good. The risk that any such problem will interfere with your bid is very small.