Problems that sniping creates

Clock not correctly set

The object of sniping is to enter your bid as short a time as possible before the end of an auction. If you enter it too early, other bidders will have time to see your bid and outbid you.

But if you bid too late, the auction will be closed and your bid won't be accepted! It's easy to lose an auction because your computer's clock was a few seconds slow, and the auction closed while you waited for the ideal moment to place your bid.

eSnipe's RovatronTM bidding server continually checks its system clocks against some of the same reference clocks that eBay uses. Its time should always be accurate within a fraction of a second.

It's possible for eBay's clock to be wrong, so that a bid placed at the right time will be refused because eBay's server thinks it is late. There's not much that eSnipe can do about that. Of course, there's not much you can do about it if you snipe from your keyboard, either.