eSnipe SnipeIt! Firefox Add-On Troubleshooting

Some users have reported having problems with the Firefox extension's ability to place bids. Until this is fixed, this page outlines a quick fix to get around these problems.

Troubleshooting the SnipeIt! Firefox Extension

  1. Click the menu with the three horizontal bars at the upper-right corner of your Firefox window.

  2. Click the 'Options' menu button.

  3. In the 'Privacy' tab, look for the 'History' area, and set Firefox to 'Use custom settings for history'.

  4. Make sure 'Accept cookies from sites' is checked.

  5. Click 'Exceptions'

  6. Add '' to the Exceptions list and click 'Allow'

You may now retry placing a bid using the SnipeIt! Firefox extension. If you encounter further issues, please contact /support.