eSnipe SnipeIt! Internet Explorer Toolbar Instructions

Toolbar Version Screenshots
  1. Once you find an eBay item that you would like to snipe, click the "SnipeIt!" link from the Links Toolbar.


  2. A new window will pop-up prompting you to enter your eSnipe Log in username and password. Fill in this information and click the "Login to eSnipe" button.


  3. The eSnipe SnipeIt! BidWizard will appear. Fill in your desired Bid Checkup time, Buffer value, and Maximum Bid for this item. Then select the folder you wish to place this bid in and click the "Place eBay Bid with eSnipe" button. 


  4. Your bid entry is now complete! To edit/delete this bid you can click the "Info link to review your bid entry" (shown below) or sign in to