eSnipe SnipeIt! Internet Explorer Instructions

Toolbar Version

  1. Make sure your Favorites toolbar is visible. If it is not, right-click next to your open tabs and select the "Favorites bar" option, enabling it.

    Enabling Favorites Toolbar

  2. Drag the SnipeIt! button below onto the Favorites toolbar, and click "Yes" to confirm that you wanted to add it.



That's it! Now next time you're ready to bid on an auction item, just click the SnipeIt! button while you are viewing an eBay item page. A window will pop up asking for a few details, and your snipe will be placed.

For a visual representation of this version of SnipeIt!, click the screenshots below:


Right-Click Version

This is for Internet Explorer 5.0, 5.5, 6.0 or higher for Windows. The Macintosh version of Internet Explorer is not supported for right click, please click here for Macintosh compatible versions of SnipeIt!

    This version works differently from the others, and requires a different installation process. Instead of placing a SnipeIt! button on your browser toolbar, this version allows you to right-click an auction item page, and SnipeIt! will appear on the context menu that appears.

    To make this work, we have to ask you to download and install a patch to your system that will add our SnipeIt! entry to this menu. The patch is perfectly safe, and actually isn't even a program, it only modifies a Windows setting.

    Click here to download the Internet Explorer patch.

    When asked whether to Run or Save the file, choose Run. You will receive a message that the file has been successfully imported into the registry. After this procedure, it is recommended that you restart your browser. We have had a few reports that users have had to restart Windows after this patch - so if SnipeIt! eSnipe does not appear when you right-click a page, please restart Windows.

    How does it work? While you are viewing an item that you want to bid on, right-click the mouse anywhere on the eBay page. A context (pop-up) menu will appear, and one of the options near the bottom will be SnipeIt! eSnipe. Select the SnipeIt! eSnipe option. A window will appear with some of the bid information already filled in for you. Fill in the remaining fields, and click the Place eBay Bid with eSnipe button. Your bid will be submitted to our server.

    If you want to uninstall (hide) this SnipeIt! eSnipe menu entry from Internet Explorer, download and execute the following:

    Click here to download the hide registry patch.

    For a visual representation of this version of SnipeIt!, click the screenshots below: