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Just wanted to let you guys know how great your service is! I use your service in our business when placing bids for our overseas customers after which we buy the item with our account and ship the item to them. (we're a freight and package forwarding company). We win a great deal of items this way and our customers love it. They think we're magic. :)
Richard Kuipers, Sammamish, WA,
A sincere note of personal THANKS for your service. This evening I decided to try eSnipe for the very first time based upon advise from a friend. Wow, was I impressed, as I watched the eBay auction counting down to the last seconds...bam there I was winning an auction instead of missing out either by not being home or mis-judging clicking on my bid in the closing moments only to bid seconds too soon. I'm definitely going to use your service in the future!
Rod Nelson, Ebay username corvetteusaone
I love your product and have been a member since the olden days though I'm probably not the most profitable member for y'all. I tell everyone I know about the service and I know it's saved me a bunch of money.

eBay username Fan-daby-dozy

Nice work!  Thank you for the opportunity to test your service.  I won the item, which is a new experience for me.  I have gotten really tired of seeing items lost to another bidder for a couple of bucks.  If I had entered my top bid,  have no doubt that it would have been the same old story.  I will definitely use your service.
Frank Pettit
Hi Rita, Thank you for a most personal and detailed response. It truly is a pleasure not to receive a stock form letter response. After trying for several hours to get through to eBay, regarding another problem, I really appreciate the ease of contacting you and your most efficient and detailed response to my inquiry. You and eSnipe are to be commended for your unprecedented quality customer service. Keep up the good work and have a happy and joyous holiday season.
Don Caine, Proprietor (, The Music Box Repair Shop Unlimited
Just wanted to let you know how much I like your service! I use eSnipe in my business, where I actually place bids for my customers in Europe (I run a freight forwarding company). It seems that using eSnipe I win 9 out of 10 times!! I love it. My customers think I'm an eBay God. :-D
Richard Kuipers
I have no problem. I just want to send a note to tell you how wonderful esnipe is. You've saved me time and money. I've recently been purchasing gifts for all of my bridesmaids for my upcoming wedding, all on ebay, all using esnipe. At this time in my life, which is so busy, esnipe has taken off some of the pressure, not to mention helped me to get GREAT deals on beautiful jewelry. You've even helped me to purchase the jewelry I'M going to wear at the wedding. So this is just a THANK YOU for this wonderful service. Also, I'm an artist, and I purchase things on ebay to use in my sculptures. Your service means that I can arrange to bid on something in the middle of the night when inspiration strikes and know that I can forget about it and esnipe will take care of it for me. I can't tell you how much I appreciate THAT! I've sung your praises to all of my friends and family and they all have signed on and use it. Congratulations on a fine product.
Ellen Bay
Greetings!! Just writing to say THANKS as I have been building a classic car with some parts purchased on eBay. When I REALLY need something and just HAVE to win it I use eSnipe (and have for years on my personal account too) and get 'em every single time. Thanks Again!
Bruce K. Tomlinson
I love eSnipe! You take the tedious watching & waiting out of bidding. I wouldn't be bidding on eBay without you! Many thanks,
Just want to say ATTA BOY!to y'all. Two snipes, two wins. Keep up the GOOD WORK!
You guys rock. eSnipe worked like a charm. After I got unknowingly sniped last week on a similar item, I researched why and decided to give you a try. I just won my auction!!! Yay!!
Kren P.
I thought I would let you know that I have referred thousands of people to your site since I joined... I wrote a guide on ebay and refer people from there as well. I get a lot of e-mails asking me who I use. I am also a trading assistand and have a full time retail gift shop that offers ebay services....
Shelley George
Your whole eSnipe system is the best and most efficient thing going, since sliced bread and running water!! In the many years that I have been on board, I can recall only 1 time that the system was down, and my bid did not get activated at the last minute. But, the other hundreds of transactions that I have made, have worked flawlessly!!
Andrew C.
I just wanted to say thank you for the free trial, it is working out great!! best regards
You are always so nice when you respond to one of my questions, and you always know the right answers.
Dear eSnipe people, I have no problem, just praise. I love eSnipe and you work for a great company, at least from the point of view of the eBay bidder. I hope you enjoy your work. What a wonderful program!
I just want to take a moment to tell you how much I appreciate your website and LOVE your service. I am always especially greatful after I win a vintage treasure on eBay. Thank you so much.
Thanks to your very reasonable price tiers I just cranked up this month's Bidpoints purchase a few notches. You guys offer an invaluable service. I don't place direct bids on eBay anymore, just through eSnipe. It saves me time and hassle... even when I am watching an auction close live. This way I don't have to worry about computer problems, internet speed issues, or accidental mis-typing of my bid amounts at the last minute... you guys have always been head-and-shoulders above the rest."
Gabriel Vandervort
As usual, you folks at eSnipe are nothing short of terrific! Great new tool and great instructions you sent. I've one additional comment to share. On those rare occasions when I've asked eSnipe for support, you and your colleagues have responded quickly and helpfully
Greg Pruett
I just wanted to thank you for completing a recent $290 eBay bid for me, even though it sent my point balance several hundred points negative. This was an item I have been wanting to buy for some time. eSnipe is the "nicest" online company that I deal with on a regular basis.
Michael, Florida
I continually use eSnipe unless there is a BIN item of interest. Want to say thanks for making the bidding process so easy without a lot of hassle. You have been great to accommodate my customer needs/interest once again. Now I will need to find something else for eSnipe to win for me!
I want to wish EVERYONE at esnipe a very MERRY CHRISTMAS. Your site is the absolute Berries: easy to navigate and you've never missed a bid for me. I thank you and wish you a Happy Little Ole New Year's (Think Roz Russell ''Auntie Mame'' here) to the entire crew. You do a whiz-bang job. BEST!
You have one of the the greatest and most useful services, ever!!!! :-)
A Genuinely Happy Customer
I have used esnipe for several years for all of my serious bidding. I continually praise your service to fiends but not to any potential competion. For some dumb reason, they often nod and ignore my advice. Their loss, not mine. You have saved me serious dollars and trouble.
Bob I couldn't find a category for this kind of email so I hope you don't mind me saying this here.
I just wanted to take a few minutes to say thank you! I have used Esnipe for many years. I believe I was one of your first few members as any bids I make under $25.00 are still free. Anyway, Esnipe just WORKS! Every time I have used it, which isn't as often as I would like, it always does what it says it does, which is a real rarity in this generation. Thank you again sincerely for such a great site. My wife and I appreciate you and your service and hope to be members for the rest of our lives.
YOU GUYS are amazing! you write the best emails.
Mr. B.
I really love Esnipe! Especially with so much going on this time of year I forget to bid and your service has allowed me to win several auctions that normally I would have passed up. Thank you to you and your team for providing a valuable and time saving service.

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