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Auction Sniper Commits eBay Judo: Improved Bid Group Feature Targets Win, Cancels Remaining Auction Bids

Money-Saving Feature Improves Odds For Winning Auctions of Commodity Items

Summary: eSnipe's Bid groups tip the scale even further toward the consumer by treating multiple bids on similar items on eBay as a single unit, automatically canceling all other auctions within milliseconds after the first win.

Bellevue, WA - April 27, 2011 - Using an auction sniping service to place bids in the final seconds of an auction has long been regarded as one of the most effective ways of saving money on eBay, but eSnipe’s improved performance on its patent-pending Bid Groups feature lets consumers exert massive control over a crowded marketplace.

Says eSnipe CEO Tom Campbell: “eBay looks dimly on canceling bids, and will close the account of any bidder who does it too often: a bid is regarded as a ‘binding contract’ in eBay’s words. Since eBay auctions typically last days, a bid placed early in the auction becomes a disadvantage. The buyer who discovers a more suitable item after placing the bid gets hosed. The best bidding strategy is therefore to defer bid placement as long as possible. Bid Groups are auction judo, using eBay’s incredibly diverse marketplace as leverage against the seller.”

Snipe Auctions To Use Leverage Against Sellers

Enter sniping services, which hold bids until the final moments of the auction. Not only does this allow maximum flexibility, it also reduces bidding wars by keeping the buyer’s interest secret--a must in the gossipy, suspicious world of collectors. Sniping auctions also allows users to place last-minute bids even during work or sleep hours.

Bid Groups Cause Domino Effect With Cascading Auction Snipes

Bid groups allow the user to treat any number of auctions as a single unit, with all other bidding stopped the moment the first auction in the bid group is won. Bid groups are best used on items like Coach bags, iPads, or the XBox 360 (some of eBay’s most commonly searched items). Normally trying to figure out which auction to bid on in such cases is burdensome, but bid groups place the responsibility on high-performance servers instead of the consumer’s memory.
Auction Sniping Bid Groups

eSnipe’s second-generation bid group technology improves performance slighly on its patent-pending algorithm:

  • User creates a folder to contain the bids, giving it a name and optional description

  • User enters either auction number or full URL for item in question

  • Item is specified for the bid group folder

  • Items in the folder are bid on in order of closing time The first item to win triggers closure of all other bids

Bid Groups are illustrated at eSnipe Bid Groups Overview.

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