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Auction-Bidding Service Offers "Stimulus Package" for eBay Bidders

Pioneering eBay Sniper Reduces Price of eBay Bargain Hunting

Bellevue, WA - November 11, 2008 - In turbulent economic times, with a lame duck president distracted by war, a dynamic president-elect already on overdrive, eBay users have been lost in the shuffle, despite their stout efforts to keep the economy humming. With eBay suffering a serious drop in usage, Seattle-area eSnipe, Inc. (www.eSnipe.com) has stepped in with its own stimulus package for neglected eBay buyers by offering a temporary price cut on its services for a two-week period beginning November 15 and ending December 1.

eBay Sniping Firm's Bid to Ease Holiday Hardship

eSnipe's stimulus package takes the form of a sale on BidPoints, the internal currency used to pay for its services. BidPoints fees are pegged at 1 per $1 in the eBay winning price, so a $40 winning auction price on eBay would be paid with 40 BidPoints from the user's BidPoints balance, normally a cost of 40 cents to the user.

Customers purchase BidPoints in packages of 500 or more, then payment is withdrawn from the BidPoint balance. This system allows payment to be made by credit card or PayPal without merchant account fees overwhelming the purchase itself.

eBay Snipers Can Get 22% Discount Nov. 15 Through December 1

The 2008 eSnipe Stimulus Package, available only from November 15, 2008 through December 1, 2008, allows customers to buy BidPoints at a discount ranging from 5%-22%, beginning at the $10 price point. Savvy customers will spend only $9.50 instead of $10 for 1,000 BidPoints, and just $78 instead of $100 for 10,000 BidPoints. eSnipe has a sale about once every two years.

About eSnipe, Inc.

eSnipe places bids for eBay users during the last few seconds of the auction, a practice called "sniping" in online auction parlance. eSnipe launched in 1999 as one of the early eBay sniper services run on high-speed dedicated servers. eSnipe's multiple servers placed over $400 million worth of bids on eBay in 2007 alone. Rovatron, eSnipe's automated bid-placing engine, places well over 12,000 bids a day on weekdays and more than double that on Sundays. At peak periods Rovatron places more than 300 bids per second.

eSnipe's founder placed the site for sale on eBay in December 2000. The auction was won by an eSnipe user—using eSnipe to place the winning bid. Former Microsoft program manager Tom Campbell made eSnipe one of the first pay sites on the internet and devised one of the first working micropayment systems.

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