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Auction Sniper Expert Reveals eBay Bidding Secrets in Wide-Ranging Interview on Talk Radio One

eSnipe CEO Blows the Lid Off of Bidding for Collectible Figurines, Electronics Bargains in Marc Germain Interview on Talk Radio One

With holiday buying in full swing, professional auction sniper Tom Campbell uncovered little-known auction bidding secrets in a wide-ranging interview with Marc Germain of Talk Radio One, discussing eBay bidding secrets, hidden buying strategies, and the unusual history of dot com pioneer Buyers of antiques, collectibles, disneyana, and electronics were shown free auction sniper techniques for smart eBay Bidding.

Las Vegas, NV, For Immediate Release - Celebrated radio talk show host Marc Germain took on the mundane topic of eBay bargain hunting and made it fresh again in a wide-ranging December 1 interview with Tom Campbell, CEO of a company that "snipes" auctions on eBay, a way to get better prices on auction goods.

Keeping the show lively as novice interviewee Campbell went off the rails more than once, talk show vet Germain kept the show moving at a brisk pace. Germain, a longtime eBay user, knows the territory well and frequently explained the benefits of better than company head Campbell.

Auction Bidders Get Inside Scoop

Besides bidding at the last second, Campbell discussed

  1. How to cancel a bid on eBay without getting your membership revoked
  2. How to build a relationship with a seller quickly
  3. When to avoid seemingly hot bargains
  4. Common auction scams
  5. How to use the "bid group" technique to bid only on the first of multiple auctions for commodity items--and cancel all other auctions as soon as that bid has been won

"Chatting with Marc Germain was a blast, and a dream come true", said Tom Campbell.
"I've been a longtime listener of his shows in all their guises so this was very, very special. Marc knows how to drive the show forward and how to liven up even less than stellar topics like eBay bidding, which doesn't sound like a riveting hour on the radio. But Marc made it work."

Far more of eSnipe's users called in than could be accommodated on the show, pleasantly surprising Campbell but not show host Germain. "Marc told me the phones would be slammed but I'm embarrassed to say I didn't expect that at all," said an amazed Campbell. "All we did was put out a short email blast the day before. Who knows-maybe we're onto something!"

Android Support for eSnipe's Auction Sniper Tool Announced on Talk Radio One

During the show Campbell told the odd story of eSnipe's commercial start (the company was sold on eBay itself),  gave away a gag gift (a broken toy violin he'd sniped on eBay was offered to a listener whose girlfriend plays the instrument) and announced for the first time on mass media that an Android application developed and given away by an eSnipe customer can now be used to place bids.

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eSnipe places bids for eBay users during the last few seconds of the auction, a practice called "sniping" in online auction parlance. eSnipe launched in 1999 as one of the early eBay sniper services run on high-speed dedicated servers. eSnipe's multiple servers placed over $296.25 million worth of bids on eBay in 2012 alone. eSnipe CEO and former Microsoft program manager Campbell made eSnipe one of the first pay sites on the Internet in June, 2001. To keep merchant account charges low he was forced to devise the first profitable micropayment system on the web. It has been in unbroken operation since--and profitable longer than eSnipe has a free, no credit card need trial at

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