A post-auction email example
This page explains the important parts of a post-auction email from eSnipe's RovatronTM bidding server.

The message headers identify the message and its source. You may see more or fewer headers depending on how your email reader is configured.

The most important header is the subject, which identifies the email as an eSnipe notification. If you won the auction, it says "eSnipe win!" If it says something else, like "eSnipe results," see the "Results" section for details.

From: Rovatron@eSnipe.com
To: zzESnipe@IPCoast.com
Subject: eSnipe win! - eBay Item #878322472 (Calvin Klein 3T Black Overall
Date: Wed, 5 Jun 2002 01:14:21 -0700 

This email is to report that...

The description tells the essentials about your bid: what you bid on, your maximum bid, quantity (always 1 for a non-Dutch auction), and a link to eBay's auction description page.

Description: Calvin Klein 3T Black Overall Shorts 
Your Max Bid: 7.81 
    Quantity: 1 
Auction Item Link: 

The results section shows the outcome of your bid. If eSnipe could confirm that you won, it says so. Otherwise it provides details about why you didn't win (or if it couldn't tell, why it couldn't).

The Results of your bid: 
Bid placed, you won! 
eSnipe was able to snipe the bid in the buffer time specified. Confirmed 

Additional notes...

The bid diagnostic information is a coded string which uniquely identifies your bid. If you must contact eSnipe member support about your bid, they will need this string to retrieve information about how eSnipe processed it.

~~--~~ Bid Execution Diagnostic information: 
esnipe01 64 0.5800781 1.1518550 u44087
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