How to join eSnipe
You must join eSnipe before you can use it.

We urge you to read eSnipe's membership terms before you sign up. The terms are simple; you agree to pay eSnipe's fees after the free trial period, and you acknowledge that you understand the risks of sniping that are described in the eSnipe Tutorial.

You must register with eBay before you join eSnipe, if you have not already done so.

After you've registered with eBay, go to the New Member section of eSnipe's Web site. Enter your name, email address, and other information that eSnipe requests.

After you join, eSnipe will send you an email message welcoming you as a member. This message confirms that you can receive email at the address you gave. You must reply to the message within 24 hours to continue using your eSnipe account after that time.

The eSnipe tutorial describes the sign-up process in more detail. It also explains eSnipe's privacy policy, which governs how eSnipe uses the data you supply when you join.

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