BidPoints: The Official Rules


Introducing BidPointsSM

eSnipe users are charged using a micropayment system called BidPoints. Each BidPoint costs 1 cent and pays for $1 of the final auction price only if you win. If you don't win, there's no charge. You buy BidPoints at the rate of 1 BidPoint per $1 of the auction closing amount (normally called the "auction win"), rounded down to the nearest BidPoint. If you're confused by this whole BidPoints thing, don't worry. It's all handled automatically, and you can see your balance easily. If you take the time to learn about BidPoints you'll find that they can save you money over and above the 1% if you buy in bulk. Using BidPoints allows eSnipe to keep costs down by minimizing transaction fees for credit cards and electronic checks, to issue refunds quickly, and to offer promotions from time to time.
Winning Bid BidPoints Required Your Cost
$0-$24.99 25 BidPoints $0.25
$25-$1,000 1 BidPoint per $1 of each item won $0.25 to $10.00
$1,000 and up 1000 BidPoints per item won, never more! $10.00 maximum
Dutch Auctions 100 BidPoints per auction win (any quantity) $1.00
Foreign Auctions 100 BidPoints per auction win (any quantity) $1.00

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BidPoint Examples
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BidPointTM Basics

  1. For auction wins up to $24.99 in US$, the fee is 25 BidPoints.
  2. For auction wins of $25-$1,000 in US$, the fee is 1%, rounded down to the nearest penny. So if you win an item for $500 on eBay, the eSnipe fee is $5.
  3. For auction wins of $1,000 and over in US$, the fee is a flat $10. If you buy a house for $350,000, the eSnipe fee is still just $10.
  4. Foreign auctions: All auction wins for items denominated in non-US currency are charged a flat $1 fee, regardless of closing price.
  5. Dutch Auction wins are charged a flat $1 fee, regardless of quantity, currency, or winning price.
  6. To pay for eSnipe fees, you purchase BidPointsSM. Each BidPoint costs 1 cent and pays for $1 of the final auction fee. So a fee of 25 BidPoints costs 25 cents. A fee of 500 BidPoints costs $5. You can pay even less by purchasing BidPoints in large quantities--the more BidPoints you buy at once, the less they cost.
  7. You must buy at least $5 worth of BidPoints.
  8. You need not purchase BidPoints until you win an item. eSnipe reserves the right to discontinue service to users who have a negative balance and who have not purchased any BidPoints.
  9. eSnipe reserves the right to relax its payment rules for selected users.
  10. New users will get limited use of eSnipe for a free trial period. Once the free trial ends, any new bids placed will be subject to auction fees (BidPoint charges). After that trial period expires standard auction fees will apply.

BidPoints stay active as long as you do

BidPoints don't expire as long as you remain an active user. An active user is defined as anyone who has logged on to the eSnipe site within the last year. If a year passes and you do not log on, three attempts will be made to contact you by email over a period of a month. If at that time you cannot be reached, the BidPoints will expire.

eBay services not fully supported

Currently eSnipe works with any auction available to all members through the main site by item number, and eBay Motors. We are still working on support for the following services.

  • Specialty eBay sites such as eBay Premier, Mature Audiences,, Butterfields, and eBay Disney
  • Multiple snipes (where you can place more than one snipe on the same item)