Bid Groups

What are Bid Groups? Bid Groups allow you to combine multiple bids into one group and automatically cancel the remaining bids after the first one wins, saving you both time and money. 
Moving Existing Bids into a Bid Group (Go Back)
To edit your bid,  click on the info link to the far right of the bid listing. This will take you to the full bid detail page. At the top of this page you will see the links to "Edit this bid", "Delete this bid", and "Request eSnipe support for this bid". Click the edit link, and you will be taken to the BidWizard screen to make the needed changes.

Here you will see a line that says "Part of a Bid Group?". Use the pull down to the right of that line to bring your Bid Group into the window. Once it is there, click on the [Update your eBay Bid with eSnipe] button on the bottom of the page and this bid will now be part of the Bid Group. You can double check this by going to the Bid Group tab and clicking on the group in question. You should see this bid listed under that group.