Bid Groups

What are Bid Groups? Bid Groups allow you to combine multiple bids into one group and automatically cancel the remaining bids after the first one wins, saving you both time and money. 
Limitations of Bid Groups (Go Back)
  • The ending times of Bid Group bids must be at least 5 minutes apart to ensure that Rovatron can properly cancel your remaining bids after a confirmed win.
  • Bid Groups must contain at least two bids. There is no maximum number of bids that can be in a Bid Group.
  • You can use one or multiple eBay bidding ID's on bids in a single Bid Group. (i.e. the first item in the group is bid under eBay ID "X", the second and third items in the group are bid under eBay ID "Y").
  • If you place a bid on an item and for some reason eSnipe is not able to confirm whether or not you are the winner, the entire Bid Group will be closed out. 

    This could happen if you bid on a private auction, where eBay does not announce the winner, or if you bid on a Dutch auction item. In either case eSnipe can not determine the winner.  The group is closed to prevent you from potentially winning more than one item in your Bid Group.
  • There will be additional fees for using Bid Groups. Currently, we will only charge for the win under existing eSnipe pricing structure.