What's the best buffer value to use?
The buffer value is the number of seconds before an auction's scheduled end that eSnipe will submit your bid.

A small buffer value reduces the risk that another bidder will have time to respond to your bid and outbid you, but increases the risk that the auction will close before eBay accepts your bid. Conversely, a large buffer value reduces the risk that eBay will not accept your bid in time, but increases other bidders' opportunity to outbid you.

The default buffer value (the value that eSnipe assigns to a newly scheduled bid by default) is currently 6 (six seconds) unless you have changed it. Experience has shown that this value is a good compromise for most purposes.

You can change any auction's buffer value with BidWizard, either when you schedule the bid or when you later edit the bid.

You can change the default buffer value by clicking the My Settings link to display the My Settings page.

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