How does eSnipe bidding work?
After you schedule a bid with eSnipe's BidWizard, eSnipe places the bid for you a specified number of seconds before the auction ends.

eSnipe bids your maximum bid—the largest amount you are willing to pay to win the auction.

You will not necessarily have to pay your maximum bid if you win. eBay's proxy bidding system ensures that you will pay no more than you must pay to win. Very simply, you'll pay the next-highest bidder's maximum bid plus a relatively small bidding increment.

eSnipe doesn't check an auction's status periodically, nor does it place multiple bids for you. (If it did, eBay might well be upset by the extra load on its Web site and prevent eSnipe from placing bids.)

The eSnipe tutorial describes eSnipe's bidding process in more detail in the section "How to place a bid."

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