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eSnipe Help

Getting Started with eSnipe

Where do I start?
How to join eSnipe
How to log in

Auctions and Bidding

I lost an auction... why?
What's the best buffer setting to use?
How does eSnipe bidding work?
My bid didn't appear in the auction's bid history
How to interpret eSnipe emails

eSnipe Tutorial

Problems that Sniping Creates
How to join eSnipe
How to schedule a bid
Other cool things eSnipe can do

Special Topics

Bid Groups - instruct eSnipe to get the best deal on an item
Folders - used to organize your eSnipe bidding
SnipeIt! - bid more than once a week? SnipeIt! can save you time!

BidPoints and Charges

BidPoints FAQ
BidPoints: The Official Rules
BidPoints: The Official Rules (non-U.S. Currency Auctions)