Android-only Bookmarklet Installation Guide

by Joe Maller, adapted for eSnipe

You're here, so let's install the bookmarklet directly onto your Android!

Step 1: Bookmark this page

Drag the browser to the top of the page until the address bar is shown. Click the bookmark icon to the right of it. Then, select the tile that says "Add."

add bookmark button

save bookmark

Step 2: Edit the Bookmark

Tap and hold the text in the beginning of the URL for your new bookmark. Tap Select Word.

edit bookmark

Select everything from the beginning of the URL up until the j in "javascript," then tap the delete key.

delete this text

"javascript" should be the first thing in the "Location" URL box. If this is correct, tap OK.

using snipeit

Then visit an auction you wish to bid on and click the bookmark to activate SnipeIt!

That's it! You've enabled the bookmarklet, enjoy!

Thanks to Khac Chuong Nguyen for the original idea.