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News eBay Database Breach; Change Your Password!

[Posted on Wednesday, May 21, 2014 12:25]

Earlier today, eBay announced a breach in their database of customer account information. There is no indication that financial information was compromised, however, eBay is requesting that all users change their eBay passwords. See their announcement here:

Please go to eBay to update your eBay Account information You can do so here: Once that is completed, you will need to come back to eSnipe to update your eBay Account information within your eSnipe account so that it matches what you have listed at eBay EXACTLY. Neglecting to do so will mean that your eSnipe bids will fail due to eBay username/password error.

If you use the same LOGIN information for eSnipe as you use at eBay, you should update your eSnipe LOGIN password as well.

To update your eBay Account information on eSnipe, log on to eSnipe here: to be taken directly to your eBay Account tab. Here, you will see a list of your eBay bidding IDs (a pull down if you have more than one). Make sure the user name associated to the update you need to make is highlighted in the box and click on "Edit Account". On the next page you will see the user name and a blank text box for its password. Make the corrections you need or enter the corresponding password and click "Update Existing Bidding Account".

This update will not impact your eSnipe LOGIN information. You will still need to use the same login name and password that you have been using to access your eSnipe account. To change your eSnipe login password, go here: You can only change your password from this tab. If you need your eSnipe LOGIN name changed, please make sure you are logged into your eSnipe account and send a request using the Support link on the website. Make sure that you indicate what your current LOGIN name is and what you'd like us to change it to.

Update: You may receive a "Page Not Available" error at eBay when updating your eBay password. Due to a high volume of users updating their passwords, eBay will display this page if they are unable to process your request. In this notification, eBay says, " In the meantime, please be assured that no activity can occur on your account until your password is reset." If you receive this message, we suggest you manually enter your bids on eBay until you are able to change your password. Some eSnipe bids are failing with an "eBay login problem" result due to this.

Here's a short video on how to change your password on both eBay and eSnipe. Do this now before you miss any bids!